GMIATLICH beinand!

You like, regularly with friends, acquaintances or colleagues to see you with us? Then just opened but a Stammtisch!

In zünftig Bavarian ambience, with chilled Hofbräu and live music you are enjoying all the benefits.

Info & registration


Our Stammtische

Academics and singles with classMondays and Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m
Bayern get-together in HamburgWednesdays
Berenberg SkatFridays
Beer tasting clubevery 3. Thursday in the month
The Bumsfideleneach 1. Saturday of the month
The three funny twoeach 3. Friday of the month
The doctorsSunday
The two2x a month - Thursdays
Dirndl crackerEvery 8-10 weeks on Fridays or Saturdays
Eckhardtevery 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month
FC Bayern Fan Club Hamburgeach 1. Saturday of the month
FC Silverbacksevery 3nd Wednesday of the month
FC SilverbacksWednesday
circle of friendsevery 2nd Tuesday of the month
Floriansjungerevery 1. Thursday in the month
Hamburg beer loversevery 1st Sunday of the month
Herd regulars' tableevery 3st Sunday of the month
Hofbräu HSVHSV games
Hofbrau seats
HSV CarusoSunday
HSV - Deaf - HBHSV games
HSV - herd regulars' tableevery 3rd Sunday + all HSV away games
Jour Fixeeach 1. Friday of the month
Karan 85
Cat 74Bayern games
K-young & young at heartevery 2nd Monday of the month
Klaus HeimerdingerSpontaneous
Communication 6.0According to the arrangement
Cultural Club eVSunday
Only the HSVHSV games
Peter Löhrl
PDM oldiesevery 2nd Tuesday of the even month
pier stickevery 2nd Thursday in Mona
Bad people GmbH & Co. KGjeden Dienstag
simonsenby appointment
Syntax errorThursdays
Tax TechnicalDienstags
Trink Brüderlein trinkby appointment
University of Passau / Alumnievery 2nd Monday of the quarter
Walhallaby appointment
Drinking brigadeevery 1nd Monday of the month
Witness the sofaevery 1nd Tuesday of the month
The current master tables: AppointmentsTime of day
1st Oracle
4 boysEvery 1st Thursday of the month18:00
alicEvery 1st Thursday of the month19:00
ChappuzeauEvery Tuesday13:00
The barrel sittersEvery 2nd Friday18:30
DS Ship ManagementEvery Thursday18:00
The Beer AthletesEvery Wednesday
Eternal 18Every 1. Monday of the month19:30
Friends of the German insurance industryRegularly13:00
Fridays for boozeEvery 3rd Friday every 2 months18:00
Brothers GrimEvery 2st Thursday of the month
count numberMidday
Hagen & KruseEvery 1st Thursday of the month
Hamburger FeuerkasseEvery last Thursday of the month17:30
Hamburger drinking specialWeekly - irregular19:00
Hamburg Beer Friends (wdmnzh)Every 1. Sunday of the month11:00
Hardwood 5.01-2 times a month, Friday to Sunday
Hot ShotsThursdays every 2 months18: 00 / 19: 00
HPM PDS & friendsEvery Thursday17:15
Martin's barrelEvery 1st Tuesday in odd-numbered months16:00
Meßberg GiantsEvery 3rd Tuesday of the month17:00
Nunc is bibendumEvery Friday12:30
Oldie meetingEvery 2nd Wednesday of the month15:00
poker boysEvery Tuesday17:30
Tour group LilifeeAll HSV games
Safety Boys & Friends
Singer HH
Schlaraffia HarmoniaMay to September: Every Monday18:00
Seineke 2012Fridays every 4 weeks18:00
Stefan Seeler
Team middle
Too Hot to HandleEvery 4rd Tuesday of the month
Club of Bavaria in HamburgEvery 1. Saturday of the month18:30
traffic expertsEvery 3. Monday of the month18:00
Western WheatEvery 1. Sunday of the month11:00
The current master tables: Appointments
Beer Friends Berlin1x month
Brandenburg country
Coba's Finest1 x monthly
CJNo recurrent
Capital glitterati1x month
Knauf Danoline1 x week
Frankenstein1 x monthly
oversize1 x monthly
Stoye / Zschiesche1 x monthly
Debeka1 x monthly
The StammtischEvery odd month on the last Saturday
German Academyno regularity
Flet improvementall 1-2 months
LEB - Convention of the Lutheran Brotherhood Emmaus1 x monthly
Kaschmirschak1 x week
MeinFernbus (MFB MeinFernbus GmbH)No recurrent
"The US Department of" "The American department of"each 1. Friday of the month
Beer ties "- US Embassy in Berlin" "ierbeziehungen" - US B "" erbezie "No recurrent
TUV RheinlandNo recurrent
BureschNo recurrent
Berliner civil engineeringNo recurrent
Network Stammtisch1 x week
Boarisch BuamNo recurrent
The Prenzlberger Lausbubeneach 1. Friday of the month
beer Eliteeach 1. Saturday of the month
cuckooNo recurrent
KolibriNo recurrent
Capital nobility
Biergartens for Grownupsevery 3. Thursday in the month

Information & registration

Then please send us the contact form (see below) or an email with the following information:

  • Name of the Stammtisch (this can not subsequently be changed) your full name and your current mobile number and email address
  • Information on time use of the Stammtisch (eg every 3. Wednesday, always on 1. Of the month)
  • Number of people who regularly participate in the pub

Email address:

Hofbräu spearsort:
Hofbrau Esplanade:

  1. Each Stammtisch receive at the end of a voucher about 10% of ingested annual turnover.
  2. Your Stammtisch is mentioned by name on our website.
  3. Once a year we invite all Stammtische in to a joint meeting. You have the option of your own pitchers to keep us in a Stammtisch specialist.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

  • Can we set up a Stammtisch pennant?
    Yes, that is possible. However, the pennant itself must be brought. Your pennant You can like to keep with us.
  • Is it possible to bring your own beer mug?
    Yes, that is possible. Also steins are welcome to be stored with us.
  • Can we choose a specific table, where you will always be placed?
    We try table wishes always taken into account.
  • What happens when more people than stated wish to participate in the pub tonight?
    This is generally not a problem. Please inform us as early as possible about it. When several guests appear regularly for Stammtisch, the specified number of people can be changed at any time.

    If you have further questions, please send you an email to the corresponding house, or contact us by phone

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