Football Live in Hofbräu Wirtshaus

We show the matches of the EM 2021 live - from 11.06. - 11.07.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX.
Basically, all games of FC Bayern Munich, Bundesliga games of the local club, as well as the top games of the international leagues and the German national team are shown. However, there can sometimes be deviations if other events take place in one of our houses at the same time.

Which games are shown in which house or in which city is shown in the following list.
Do you have more questions? Please feel free to contact the hotel reservation hotline or send us an e-mail.


Dates by location

DateTime of dayGame
17.07.2116:00Cologne - Bavaria
24.07.2116:30Bavaria - Ajax
28.07.2118:00Bavaria - Mönchengladbach
31.07.2116:30Bavaria - Naples
06.08.21tbcBremer SV - Bavaria
13.08.2120:30Mönchengladbach - Bavaria
17.08.2120:30Dortmund - Bavaria
22.08.2117:30Bavaria - Cologne
28.08.2118:30Bayern - Hertha
18.09.2115:30Bavaria - Bochum
24.09.2120:30Greuther Fürth - Bavaria
02.10.21tbcBavaria - Eintracht Frankfurt
16.10.21tbcLeverkusen - Bavaria
23.10.21tbcBayern - Hoffenheim
30.10.21tbcUnion Berlin - Bavaria

More information will follow shortly.

More information will follow shortly.