Des guade Hofbräu beer

Hofbräu original

Münchner Hell

Alcohol: 5,1% Vol.
Color: bright shiny golden yellow
Flower: snow-white froth
Bouquet: delicately spicy
Taste: elegant, slightly malty, full-bodied, mellow and with a subtly tart finale

Hofbräu Dark

Munich Dark

Alcohol: 5,5% Vol.
Color: dark brown
Flower: cream-colored foam
Bouquet: malzblumig with caramel
Taste: röstmalzig, hoppy and with subtle malt sweetness in finale

Münchner Weisse

Munich Hefeweißbier

Alcohol: 5,1% Vol.
Color: light amber
Flower: creamy head
Bouquet: harmonious fruity
Taste: aromatic estrig and with a mild-sweet ending

Hofbräu Crystal White

Hofbräu Crystal White

Crystal clear Wheat Beer
Alcohol: 5,4% Vol.
Colour: straw yellow
Flower: pure white froth
Bouquet: citrus-fruity
Taste: invigorating sparkling, dry, fruity and with a mild-bitter finale

Hofbräu Schwarze Weisse

Hofbräu Schwarze Weisse

Munich Hefeweißbier dark
Alcohol: 5,1% Vol.
Color: dark amber
Flower: cream-colored foam
Bouquet: harmonious malzduftig
Taste: caramel-like, fragrant, gently refreshing and with a velvety-soft finale

Hofbräu Weisse easily

Hofbräu Weisse easily

Wheat Beer on draft
Alcohol: 3,2% Vol.
Color: golden
Flower: white froth
Bouquet: fruity-fresh
Taste: sparkling, slender and with a subtle yeasty finale

Hofbräu alcohol free

Hofbräu alcohol free

Munich Dark
Alcohol: 0,3% Vol.
Colour: bright pale yellow
Flower: pure white froth
Perfume: slim and bubbly
Taste: light and fresh

Hofbräu Weisse alcohol free

Hofbräu Weisse alcohol free

Non-alcoholic wheat beer
Alcohol content: at 0,5% Vol.
Color: bright yellow color
Flower: creamy froth
Bouquet: aromatic sparkling
Taste: sparkling refreshing, fruity and fresh finale

Seasonal beer


Bock beers, which are also often called strong beers are above or lagers.
Your original wort is about 16% and is therefore higher than in normal beer.
Because in the brewing process, less water is added thereto, so to speak, at
Bock beers mash viscose. The venison is a bottom-fermented strong beer with more than 6% vol. And is ausgeschänkt in the period between April and June.

Oktoberfest Beer

During Oktoberfest beer is a Märzenbier, brewed by the Munich breweries, specially for the Oktoberfest. There is a strong Märzenbier which not only has a slightly higher alcohol content by the higher original wort of 13,5%, but also is very full-bodied. The low hopping the Munich Oktoberfest beer has a light hop bitterness and tastes slightly sweet with malty note. It is deep yellow and is offered always filtered. Its alcohol content is 5,1-5,7% Vol.

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