Oktoberfest 2021 Berlin
Oktoberfest 2021 Berlin


Oktoberfest 2021 in Berlin

Even if the Munich Oktoberfest is not officially taking place this year, you can join us from 18.09. - 03.10.2021 cheerfully celebrate with family and friends with live music and original Hofbräu Oktoberfest beer! Secure the best spots for the weekends now www.msm-musik.de or just reserve during the week by phone on 030/679665520!

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Table sales

Tables for 8 people

Makes tapping a barrel a special experience!

Order the best tables for the weekends now: The price per table includes 2 liters of Oktoberfest beer per person. At your own table in a prime location, you can enjoy hearty live music, hearty Bavarian food and our original Hofbräu beer from Munich! Due to the current Corona situation, only whole tables (8 people) can be booked. 

Oktoberfest 2021 Berlin

Table sales

EUR 156,80 (EUR 19,60 per person) Table for 8 people
- 2 liters of beer per person
- The 16 drinks tokens will be handed out at the entrance (are valid until December 30.12.2021th, XNUMX and do not have to be consumed in full in the evening) Reserve now!

Reserve now!

Hygiene measures

Hygiene and safety measures due to Covid-19 (as of June 2021)

All guests are received and seated by the staff at the entrance. If possible, please use the Luca app. Please inform yourself in advance whether proof of vaccination protection, a PCR test result or a current negative corona test is necessary in the evening. The minimum distance of 1,50 meters must also be observed in the house and general hygiene rules must be followed. The necessary disinfectant dispensers are available in sufficient numbers. Regarding the possibility of dancing in the evening, we comply with the legal regulations in force in September and October. There is currently still a mandatory mask requirement (medical mask). If you and your guests are not at the table, this must be worn. Due to the health and economic threat from non-compliance with the rules mentioned, we reserve the right to expel guests from the house. Especially when individuals or groups break the rules repeatedly or intentionally. Please use public transport, many of which stop right at Alexanderplatz. There are no designated parking spaces in front of our house.

The roots of the Oktoberfest

On October 17, 1810, the first celebration took place, which laid the foundation for today's Munich Oktoberfest. On the occasion of the wedding of Ludwig of Bavaria and the Princess of Hildburghausen, a large horse race was held on the Theresienwiese. This celebration sparked great enthusiasm among all involved, so that it was decided that the festival must be repeated. This time the organizer was the "Agricultural Association in Bavaria". Then the Wiesn took place year after year as a privately financed event until it was decided that such a festivity should be held every year without exception, which was organized from 1819 under the direction of the City of Munich. In 1850 there was another really solemn occasion when the statue of the "Bavaria" was unveiled at the Oktoberfest and part of the Hall of Fame was inaugurated. The first roast chicken was opened in 1881. Later on, beer was allowed to be sold on the Theresienwiese and the number of Oktoberfest visitors increased from year to year. With them, of course, the number of beer stalls increased, which over time grew into marquees with chapels. Due to the rush of the enthusiastic crowds, various showmen were added, who provided further amusement by setting up bowling alleys, climbing frames and dance floors. The next highlight was the invention of electric light. This great invention made possible the world-famous image of the "Oktoberfest by night" for the first time in 1880. From year to year, more attractions and food options were added that made the Oktoberfest the spectacle that we love so much today. Due to the often cool weather in October, Oktoberfest has started in September since 1872. The Oktoberfest always opens on a Saturday and the end of the festival is traditionally the first Sunday in October. The following rule has been in effect since 2000: If the first Sunday in October falls on October 1st or 2nd, the festival is extended to the Day of German Unity on October 3rd. The festival usually lasts 16 to 18 days.

Countdown to Oktoberfest


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